Young People Essay examples

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Standard 1: understanding the principles and values essential for working with children and young people.

1. Principles and values

a. Show how you promote the principles and values essential for working with children; young people their families and their carers.

.At Clayfields house all children, young people their families and carers are all treated with respect. Families and carers are always updated on children’s or young people’s progress during their time at Clayfields and any deterioration in their behaviour or health will be notified to carers and families. Young people and children are always treated with respect as we call them by the name they want to be called, offer culturally food for them, we always ask young
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Staying safe: All young people at clayfields are protected from harm and abuse. Safe ensure safeguarding take place by reporting and preventing child protection issues. Making sure that the young people are always observed (apart from when secure). When young people are secure they are checked on regular basis. How often depends upon risk assessment.

Enjoying and achieving: All young people at Clayfields have the opportunity to go to school and gain qualifications like GCSE’s. The young people can also request specialist coach’s to come in and improve their skills in a wide Varitey of sports.

Making a positive contribution: At Clayfields house, the young people can get involve in the Clayfields council. This is a meeting where young people can give opinions on Clayfields house and request specific things that Clayfields could do with. The young people every dinner time have jobs to do to ensure that the units remain clean and tidy. Young people at Clayfields house can also do jobs around Clayfields if they are on graduate on the incentive scheme.

Economic well-being: The young people at Clayfields, no matter what their background are given the opportunity to achieve and continue achieving when they leave Clayfields due to working closely with connections to try and get them a college placement or school placement or to find a job and earn some money when they leave

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