Essay on Young People Who Are Sexually Attracted

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Young people who are sexually attracted

What is it?

As people pass from childhood to their teen years and beyond into their adulthood. Their bodies develop and grow. They explore their sexual identity, and identify between sexual preferences. Some individuals grow to be sexually attracted to the other sex, whilst others choose to be attracted to the same sex. The vast majority identify as what is known as Heterosexual (attracted to the same sex) but a minority decide to be what is known as Homosexual (same sex) this small minority is sadly scrutinised and subjected to discrimination.


Whilst gay and lesbian people are just as apart of society as any other gender, culture, or belief. They are still sadly subjected to unsurmountable amounts of prejudice and discrimination from the rest of society. A 2008 study done between 390 gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members of the LGBT community, showed that nearly one in seven of these members live in fear of homophobic violence. Approximately 85 percent of those individuals have been subjected to some form of Homophobic violence before. This discrimination sadly stems from a very early age. Even in adolescence those who have grown up as gay or lesbian have described their childhood as a time that was filled with isolation, shame, and fear of being discovered. Even through their teen life studies have shown almost one half of gay men and one fifth of lesbians have reported to being verbally or physically…

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