Young People Commit Crime Case Study

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There are several factors that influence young people into committing criminal acts or behaviour. In this essay it would not be possible to discuss all due to word limitation. This essay will briefly look at a young person 's education and family background and the influence of addiction, unemployment and income.
I will discuss how these factors can have an impact on a young person 's life and how these influences can determine or lead to a life of committing crime.Finally I will address the factors and support services that can help prevent young people from committing crime.

One of the main reasons/factors that contributes to why young people commit crime is their family background. "Primary Socialisation occurs during early stages of
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Education is a key factor to why young people commit crime without education people would get their information about crime from the television, newspaper, radio, internet sites,books and media etc. Even though these can be a good way to keep up to date with what is going on in the world it also plays a part in exaggerating the levels of crime. All forms of media focus mainly on violent and/or sexual offences.
Another way young people get their knowledge about crime is through gaming consoles. Young people nowadays more than likely have a gaming console at home. The influence these can have on people is with what they see in games or gaming adverts eg. Grand Theft Auto. A Lot of people under the age of eighteen are playing violent video games which can influence how they see crime and most would think it is okay to commit crimes or view it as real
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Crimes committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol include: theft, burglary, handling stolen goods, rape, assaults and prostitution.“76% of all rape defendants had been drinking at the time of the alleged offence” (Alcohol and crime - Alcohol Action Ireland). Addiction can affect anyone, creating certain circumstances pushing people into committing crime and substance abuse. Being unemployed can affect many people’s lives even those without an addiction. Even people who are employed and have full time jobs can commit a crime.

Crime prevention is reducing the opportunities for crimes to be committed. Some of the services that help towards the prevention of crime is The Garda Siochana, Probation Services and The Prison Service.
“The Gardai work towards preventing crime, protecting life and property, preserving the peace and maintaining public safety. When crimes and offences happen, the Gardai investigate them and try to bring those responsible to justice.” (Citizens Information - Victims of Crime and The Garda Siochana)
The motivation behind the probation service is to help young offenders, reduce crime and to increase safety in the community. Probation workers work with the offenders to help change their behaviour and to fight the temptation to commit crimes or criminal

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