Young People Are All Right : The Problem Is Adolescence Essay example

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In Ted Kolderie’s review “Young People are All Right: The Problem is Adolescence”, he writes that The Dumbest Generation by Mark Bauerlein is a book that is an assault on anyone under the age of thirty. He mentioned how in his book, Bauerlein went over “how little people under thirty know, how little they read, and how their fascination with screens (television and computer) fails to produce learning.” He then talked about how the author is upset with the “digital enthusiasts” and those who tell the young people that they are a great generation. Kolderie then talked about the book The Case Against Adolescence written by psychologist from the University of California San Diego Robert Epstein, and how his argument was that “Adolescence infantilizes young people. Deny them serious responsibilities, keep them out of real work, give them virtually no contact with adults, tell them they have no function except to be schooled.” To sum up his review, he stated that Bauerlein talked about all of the problems with the generation and their fetish with any kind of screen, but he does not propose any ideas to fix this problem. In the chapter “Online Learning and Non-learning”, Bauerlein claimed that “digital technology might brighten the students’ outlook not only for the obvious reason that it gives them mouses and keyboards to wield, but also because it saves them the effort of acquiring knowledge and developing skills,” (119). All throughout this chapter, he used the Toulmin Method to…

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