Essay about Young People And Risk Taking

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The study of young people and ‘risk taking’ may also be useful in providing explanations for individual’s choice to engage in certain behaviours deemed as risky and irrational. Lyng’s concept of edgework has been useful in understanding young individual’s choice to engage in high-risk activities. The term edgework was borrowed from a journalist named Hunter S. Thompson, who used the term to describe a variety of unruly human behaviours (Lyng 1990, 855). The concept was organised by Lyng into three separated elements. Firstly, for activities to be classified as edgework, observable threat to one’s physical or mental health well being must be present (Lyng 1990, 857). The use of recreational drug that is prevalent in youth culture (Blackman 2007, 46) may be constituted as an example of edgework because of it potential threats to one’s physical and mental health well being. Secondly, the edgework concept described that an individual’s specific characteristics and capacities are relevant to the experience (Lyng 1990, 857), as edgeworkers recognise their risk-taking behaviour as an opportunity to prove or further develop their skills (1990, 859). Hence, as recreational drug pursuits have been defined as an opportunity of choice (Blackman 2007, 51), young individuals may use the opportunity to prove their body capabilities to handle the consumption of risky substances.
However the most important element of the edgework concept is the focus on individual’s emotional pleasures…

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