Young Men From The Inner City Essay examples

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Two young men from the inner city part of Baltimore, Maryland located right on the boarder that separated Maryland from Washington, DC found each other as one of the young men developed a weird connection with another young man that he had never met before. Sharing the same exact name as him with the feeling that this connection was destiny being from the same exact area, only visiting the prison a couple times Wes Moore (Wes 1) was able to see that they lived somewhat of a similar but different life style. Sharing many of the same experiences, but one handling situations different from the other which was the main reason they sat on opposite sides of the table one being the visitor and one being the visited. The other Wes Moore (Wes 2) would have no opportunity to life on the outside as he served a life sentence with his brother Tony for killing a police officer named Bruce Prothero as they tried to rob a jewelry store, both having multiple offense before this. Meanwhile Wes Moore ( Wes 1) mother could see that he wasn’t head down the right path as his grades, and behavior had changed. Joy made the decision to send him to military school to get him away from the environment and eventually he ended up attending college achieving his master’s degree at ….. Wes (Wes1) felt as though he looked in the mirror and had the opportunity to see what his life could have been like, approached with many sudden moments to where he was required to make decisions which could have changed…

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