Young Girls Body Image Analysis

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Why is it young girls look in the mirror and cringe? Why do young girls even look in the mirror at all? Perhaps it is the need to feel pretty. They dive deep into the mirror looking for “pretty” traits. Small waist. Wide hips. Long, Healthy hair. Flat Stomach. But then again comes the question, why do girls feel that being pretty physically is what matters. Society has taught us that it is on the outside that matters. The hair, the lips the eyes, rather than personality.

For some what’s on the outside may be more important than what’s on the inside. This is depicted in multiple places in our society today. We see it on TV, in magazines, newspapers, even stores at the mall. In the show Mad Men, a young woman enters her boss’s office and
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We see it in Victoria's Secret. Advertisements showing skinny girls with glowing hair and perfect skin dressed in skimpy outfits line the store walls with lines like “Make him happy.” This sends the message that guys will be happy with a girl who has a “perfect” body and wears little to no clothes. This message is being sent to young girls who than grow up with the idea that they need to look like those models in the stores. These ads in stores also have been shown to be linked to eating disorders, so why has this stereotype …show more content…
Although we see that girls follow the media and ads in stores, most girls are coming to realize it’s what is inside that counts. I’ve personally witnessed it through my friends. There was a time where some girls would be so preoccupied before going to parties and football games. “This shirt makes me look fat. My makeup looks terrible. I have a zit.” What was once thrown around has vanished. As girls grow older, they realize that looks aren't everything. My friends realized that going out should be fun, you don't have to look perfect to have fun. The stereotype of outer beauty went out the door as soon as we saw making friends and talking to new people comes from inside. Personality is

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