Young Adults 's Views Of Law Enforcement Essay

1955 Words Dec 18th, 2014 null Page
Young adults pass perception on everyone they encounter. Law enforcement organizations are prime subjects to their perceptions. During my twenty years of service as a New York City Police Officer, I have encountered daily hassles, uncooperative behavior and hostile behavior. In essence, a general lack of no respect for police authority. I interacted with young adults in various capacities from minor to felonious crimes, domestic disputes, rowdiness and other calls for service that may alter their opinion of police. The purpose of this study is to identify young adult’s views of police. Are their views positive or negative? I will examine multiple variables which shape young adults attitudes toward law enforcement officials and find how these interpretations developed and the sources from which they derived.
Literature Review This report examines young adults’ views of law enforcement. It examines the impact of several variables such as race, gender, police contacts, and perceptions of neighborhood and police and media accounts which shape young adults’ opinions. “Negative perception on the part of young people towards police has been linked to the tendency of young people to come to the attention of police more often than older people” (Cunneen & White, 2007). Young people are more likely to be the victim of an offence, engage in criminal activity (Hua, Baker & Poynton, 2006), be charged with an offence, engage in risky, delinquent or antisocial behaviors that may…

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