Essay about Young Adults Do Not Know How to Manage Their Money

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Young Adults Do Not Know How to Manage Their Money I have noticed that nowadays, many young adults do not know how to manage their money. Young adults don’t understand how to save and cherish money. They just say that it’s their money, they earned it, and they can do whatever they want with it. Which is true, but they just party their money away in a glance, and there is no use in that. I think that when young adults don’t know how to manage their money, they fall behind in life, and fall into debt along the way. I believe that if young adults would cherish their money more, and save it for the future; they would be much more successful in life. There are many examples that can prove my point. My four brothers and many of their …show more content…
Instead of saving some of their money for the future, such as for college, they wasted it all on fun. Now that they made it to college, they now have absolutely no money. This is because they are in debt and are giving every penny that they have to the school, just so their debt would get smaller. Maybe they had fun wasting their money on pointless things before, but now I’m sure that it’s not fun giving all their money to pay off their crazy loans. If only earlier in life they had had listened and learned how to manage their money properly, they would not be having this problem now. So as you can see, not knowing how to manage their money, made them unsuccessful. There a couple of people that I know, who knew how to manage their money when they were younger, and now are much more successful than others; money wise. When they were young, they actually listened to their parents’ advice about money (how to manage their money). Their parents were teaching them this because when they were young themselves, they didn’t know how to manage their own money, and they didn’t want their own children making the same mistake. The people that I’m talking about are a couple of young boys and girls. These were the kind of people who loved a challenge and always strived to be the best. So they realized that if they learned how to manage their money properly, at a young age, then they can be very successful people. So now that these people have grown up,

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