Young Adults Attitudes Towards Feminist Feminism Essay

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Problem Statement
The purpose of this research was to examine young adults’ attitude and relevancy towards feminist/feminism. This research itself has meaning of exploring general viewpoints towards feminist/feminism from young adults and get to know more about how far the gender equity has achieved until this time. Feminism, as a social movement ideology started from groups of women, has attributed significant progress in women’s right and was successful to bring society’s attention to inequity between men and women since 1900s. Since then, we call women as feminist who are involved with such movements for gender inequity and women’s right. Depending on individual view and understanding of feminism, the title of feminist are used for both positive and negative way. Thus, this research addresses some topics: What is current young adults’ view of feminist/feminism? How does it relate to his/her engagement towards gender equity or women’s right? To examine these topics, qualitative data was collected and analyzed which was obtained from six individual person to person interviews and one focus group of 9 interviewees. The focus group was held to debate above topics with undergraduate students of Hofstra University.
Research Method
We interviewed a total of 15 people, including 9 students who are currently enrolled as undergraduate in Hofstra University. We accepted every race and gender to reduce bias caused by specific backgrounds of individuals. We limited…

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