Young Adults And Children : An Argument Of The Idea Of Being Raised By Only One Parent

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Minors to Moguls The mere idea of being raised by only one parent seemed not only impossible, but also very strange at one point in time. As time goes on this seems to grow more common and dominantly. Today many of the world’s most successful children and young adults are results of one parent and two parent households. Do children really need both parents to thrive? Arguments that a boy needs his father around to learn how to be a man are most commonly present. Raising a well-rounded child does not depend on the number of parents present in the home. The values taught and the morals demonstrated for the child to mock. The behavior, social skills and emotional well-being are not affected by the number of parents in the home. Claim: Children dont need both parents to be successful. Qualifier: Children raised with one parent have issues but (Data) Children raised with one parent can become just as successful as those woth two. (Warrant) If children are taught proper morals and values, and grow up with proper support they will grow to be successful. (Rebuttal) Some children do not progress properly. Is it because only one parent is present? (Answer to Counter Argument) Some children do not progress properly because of lacf of support and structure. Being raised by a mother and father is not the to ensure the proper development of the child in all areas. A topic with so many variables cannot be blamed basically blamed solely on having one parent. Robert L. McGinnis stated…

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