Four Essential Attributes Of A Successful School Essay

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Young adolescents go through the most changes in this stage of their life. They experience growing pains, changes in how they think and respond to their peers. Emotional changes as well as puberty and dealing with hormones. These changes affect them greatly and have a major impact on their performance in the classroom as well.
The four essential attributes of a successful school are described as being: developmentally responsive, challenging, empowering, and equitable. These attributes are needed because they involve the adolescents directly. Being developmentally responsive means the school will adapt to the students strengths as well as its weaknesses and provide effective feedback to help improve the student’s education. Challenging the
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Teachers need to be seen as someone that students can confide in. When students are comfortable enough to confide in the teacher this can sometimes break down those tough barriers that keep students from giving their full potential in the classroom. Setting the example and being a leader can also influence students to do the same outside the classroom which can improve the student 's behavior if they are having disciplinary problems. A teacher who supports students being different, not only when it comes to race or religion, but also in the field of how students learn will teach students that it is okay to be different which is helpful to learn at this stage to keep students from being aggravated with the progression they are making compared to other learners. Being able to teach to the students individually and not teaching to the test increases student confidence in the classroom. Teaching students that learning is forever can put meaning behind what students are currently being taught.
As an educator it is my responsibility to find methods of teaching students that are most effective. Meaning I should develop strategies that follow the curriculum and cover each lesson effectively. I need to ask myself questions such as, If the curriculum is changing based upon the responses I am receiving from the students, is it changing effectively and correctly so that my students are not left behind? Is the curriculum challenging enough for the students so that they are not easily bored with the material and are not breezing through with

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