You 're Lying - Original Writing Essay

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“If she’s really here…then tell her to pick up the knife and stab me in the back.” When she did no more than gape at him, he added, “Go on …tell her to do it. I’m not afraid because Lizzie can’t be behind me.” He removed one of his hands from Virginia’s wrist to tap a finger on her temple. “She. Is. Only. In. Your. Head.”
Her gaze jerked to over his shoulder again and he was right, no one was there.
Virginia blinked in a state of confusion. “You’re wrong. Lizzie is my roommate.”
“No. You’ve been staying in the old apartment over the garage behind your parent’s house.”
Realizing she was too stunned to fight he released her wrist. He stepped back, shoved a hand through his hair with a long sigh.
Virginia studied her surroundings truly seeing them for the first time in a long time.
“You’re lying. This is a sick joke.” She took three steps and stumbled, causing him to reach out to catch her.
She was disoriented.
None of it made sense.
Her head didn’t make sense.
“I wish I were lying, but I’m not. Gin, you’re the one sick, not me.”

The look on her face in that moment would torture him for the rest of his life. You couldn’t have hurt him more if you would’ve busted through his chest, seizing his heart and crushing it. He could visibly see the desperation and the pain in her expression, in her eyes as they turned toward him for answers. He could feel the pain as if he were the one experiencing it directly. When had that happened? When did he become so dependent on…

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