You Won 't Tell Anyone? Essay

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"You won 't tell anyone?"

The wide-eyed, almost frightened innocence of the young knight had Gwaine questioning his own motives. After the encounter with Osgar, the kid had wandered off while the others were preparing to depart. Gwaine had gone to find him and discovered Mordred stacking rocks. It had been clear that he was leaving a marker for where the sorcerer had fallen. It had been Gwaine 's dagger that had dealt the mortal blow, however despite that, Osgar hadn 't actually hurt any of them too badly. Well, that wasn 't exactly accurate, Gwaine thought as he rubbed the lump on his head. Maybe he could have advanced on the man differently, but all he 'd seen at the time was a sorcerer who had killed one of his fellow knights. If he honestly considered the story they 'd been told when they 'd reached the Eastern Garrison, he had to wonder if Osgar had approached them with the same demand to see the king and just like he had, Ranulf had overreacted.

Snorting softly to himself, he realized that they always overreacted when it came to magic. He only had to remember the reason Merlin wasn 't with them to see that.

"Sorcerers aren 't allowed marked graves. But, no. I won 't tell anyone. So long as you tell me why you 're doing it." Maybe he could turn this situation into something favorable and get a bit more information out of the mysterious young man.

Mordred hesitated. He seemed embarrassed to answer the question. "He could have been like me, because I 'm a…

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