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To what extent do male and female literary characters accurately reflect the role of men and women in society?

Deconstruct the question
Talk about both the novels
Come to the point and compare both the novels.
Don't deviate from the topic
Talk about characters.

The male and female characters play a vital role in both the novels and it definitely reflects the role of men and women society. In Gabriel Garcia's Chronicle of a Death Foretold and in Khaled Hosseini's thousand splendid suns both male and female characters have an important role and most of the time they are biased towards men and these events also happen in our society. Men are given more leeway and have the freedom to do anything they want. The question
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Even though the times have changed and now most of the countries are developing the same old rituals and and various types of beliefs are still being followed. Child abuse, women abuse and oppression towards women is huge factor even now. In many places such as villages and small towns there is a high percentage of people doing and practicing these activities. They maybe undedicated but still they hit their wives for almost every reason possible. This attitude needs to change as every human will revolt against women and hurt them just because they are weak. For example in 2013. a girl was brutally raped by four people in Delhi India, this was a very tragic news for each and every individual that such things even happen now in 2013.

Most of the characters from both the novels accurately reflect the role of men and women in societies.

The question speaks about how characters in a novel are examples or models of thr real ones ,they represent the society we live in.
Check if you have tackled all criteria also ... where are the strong verbs? send me a list of quotes from both books when you are dealing with this question -- you need to say that literary characters or fictional characters actually symbolize real life charters... also that they represent the society, they are the prototypes of the real world. direct connecct to the the readers

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