Essay on You Just As A Well Come Clean

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You Just as
Well Come Clean!

Pamela and Rain

As Pamela seat there with her beautiful milky brown skin; and her deep chestnut brown dreamy eyes. With her neatly lock twisted shored length hair, and her slightly over size curves. She slowly lifted up her head, out of her hands, and bargained questioning Rain, “Girl how could I been so stupid, to let this happen to me”? As Rain turned around from looking out of Pamela’s, bay window with the sunlight shining across her dark mahogany Indian smoothed skin. Rain, is a small frame short in height, African American middle age woman, with a cold black tapper haircut. She looked over at her broken hearted best friend, and saw the pain from the be trail of the man she thought was sent to her from God. Rain, decided to walk over to Pamela, and kneels down in front of her as she began talking. Pamela, it hurts me to see you, in such pain. I 'm sorry about what 's happening to you. I do not desire to be the one to say, I told you so. All the same, I did tell you to leave that know good man alone a long time ago. Rain please, do you really mean that? I don’t need to hear; I told you so from you right now.
Pamela, I know how you feel, but it had to be said; anyone could look at him and tell that he is a low down, no good for nothing nasty dog. Rain please! Stop it now. You’re talking about a man of God.
What! Man of God?
A man called by God, no matter if he is an honest one or not, he is still called of Gods.…

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