You Have to Be a Good Manager to Be an Effective Leader. Critically Examine This Statement.

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You have to be a good manager to be an effective leader. Critically examine this statement.

Leadership is the power/ability to influence a group of people toward the achievement of goals set by an organisation. It involves establishing a clear vision, sharing that vision with other people and providing the knowledge and method to realize the vision. Dealing with things and people or controlling things and people is all what managers do. Peter Drucker (1909-2005) stated the basic task of management includes both marketing and innovation. Managers are responsible for managing others in a company or business and controlling resources and expenditure. Some people argue that leadership is simply one facet role of the
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A clue for this definition would be 3P's - Person, People and Purpose. Where person (leader) influence people to achieve the purpose (goals).
There are so many writers who have made distinction between leadership and management. Classification of management and leadership is distinguished in number of ways by Martin(2001). In terms of the role, he thinks leadership is a component of management. Martin also argues that leaders tend to be focused inwardly, whereas managers tend to be focused outwardly.

In terms of role, he views leadership as component of management and argue that leadership is what managers do to be effective. A person can be a leader not the manager. In certain situations, as in the work of team on highly technical project, the leader of the project may not be the most senior person in the team in terms of hierarchy. In terms of role, Martin argues that managers tend to be outward focused, while leader tend to be inward focused.

In terms of context, there are some organisations that place less emphasis upon management than leadership because management activities tend to be focused on routine procedures. On the other hand, leadership skills are necessary under conditions of change. In terms of what managers and leaders do, Leaders explore reality, taking in the relevant factors and analyzing all these factors carefully. On this basis they produce concepts, programs, visions and plans. Managers

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