You Don 't Need More Free Time By Cristobal Young Essay

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Finally, the day is here! Friday, the day that every parent, student, teacher, and employee look forward to. Every Monday everyone feels the same dread of having to go another long week of working hard but, the few days that you get time off makes everything worth it. The only work that you do on your time off is figure out how to spend it. In the article “You Don’t Need More Free Time” by Cristobal Young, he discusses the controversy about whether we want free time out of our busy lives to spend with family/friends or to just have time to spend with ourselves. On one hand, most will agree that without friends or family to spend time with, there is no value in the time that you get off. On the other hand, some may say that whether you have friends/family to spend your time off with does not matter, it’s simply the time that you get out of your busy schedule that matters. Although I do partially agree that time alone is necessary, I strongly believe that we want to have time off to spend with company.

Think about the last day that you got off from work or school. What did you do with your time? Did you hang out with your friends? Did you have quality time with your family? Did you get lost in the depths of your comforter and wish you could freeze time and stay there forever? Most likely, you did one of the former. Many people, with the exception of some, would choose the same thing. Being able to see your friends or family after a long week of stressful work is…

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