You Decide Essay

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You Decide
Health Rights/ Responsibility

1. Identification
Based on my opinion the dilemma is that no one can agree whether removing Mrs. Margie Whitson pacemaker is actually ethical. Mrs. Margie Whitson has had a hard year so far and has come to the conclusion that she wants her pacemaker turned off because she believes it is prolonging her death, which is true because she is depended on it 100%. So based on this fact her pacemaker is the only thing keeping her heart beating at the moment. But despite that her doctor, Dr. Rana Vijay, refuses to turn it off due to fear of litigation or because of misperceptions of the ethical and legal acceptability. But despite her cardiologist refusal Mrs. Margie Whitson is very determined to
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So if granting the request violates the physician's conscience, the physician should arrange for the transfer of the patient's care to another physician. In the case scenario, the primary care physician should refer the patient to a cardiologist or technician who would be willing to deactivate the pacemaker. Not everyone thinks a like in these matters so it is important to find an alternative that work for the patient because as a physician they also have their own personal morals.
I ultimately believe that the cardiologist Dr. Vijay is a consultant and brings expertise to the management of that specialty. On the other hand, the primary care physician frequently has a more holistic approach to the patient, which is crucial in the management of the quality of life and in end-of-life issues. The discussion about what to do with pacemakers when a patient becomes terminal should be part of the informed consent process before the insertion of the device, rather than waiting until the dying process is underway. This may help alleviate unnecessary suffering by the patient and the patient's surrogate decision-maker. 3. Choice
As the Ethics Committee Chairman ultimately, I believe it is the right of Mrs. Margie Whitson to request for her pacemaker to be deactivated. It is my recommendation that her cardiologist recommend her case to someone he knows is willing to deactivate

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