You Decide: Leonard Cooper Charter School Is a K-12 School Essay

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Scenario Summary

Leonard Cooper Charter School is a K-12 school with approximately 1,000 students. The school wants to develop a local area network that meets the needs of the school now and is scalable for the future. There have been numerous complaints about the speed and reliability of the network, especially since a new addition to the building was added a few years back.
Your Role and Assignment

You are the systems administrator contracted by Leonard Cooper to upgrade the local area network to meet the ever-increasing needs of the building's students and faculty members. Your first task is to interview key stakeholders to determine what the key areas of concern are.

The charter
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It would sure make my job a lot easier if I could manage this equipment via the Web. It would also be great to have the option of connecting to this equipment via a wireless connection of some sort."

Selena Daniels, Principal, Female Back to top

"Thank goodness you are here to fix this mess. A few years ago, we added a new wing to the building. I'm glad we were able to fund the construction, but the network must have been underfunded. Each of the classroom areas does not have a live network connection port, and that has been a big problem for us because we cannot add additional network devices to the classroom. I asked the previous systems contractor about this, and she said that we have the ability to connect up to 7 classrooms, not 23. She said that's way too many. It's not too many when you have faculty members who now have desktops that are, basically, large paper weights. I need my people connected to the network in this wing, and that equipment needs to be used - bottom line. As for the seven classrooms I do have connected, the faculty there often complain that the connection from their area to the mail server at the other end of the building is often very slow."

Alfred Wingfield, IT Director, Male Back to top

"This has been a long time coming. I told the contractors that expanded our building a few years ago that we needed two things: just two simple things. One was and updated cable infrastructure that would enable us to

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