“You Cannot Motivate Managers. They Are Self-Propelled. You Just Get Out of Their Way If You Really Want Performance”. Comment.

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Self propelled describes something that moves progresses or acts on its own power without needing outside help. Like anything else, leadership ability is distributed throughout a population. Can you be a good leader without being a good manager? In my experience, the best leaders are also great managers, and the best managers have strong leadership capabilities.

To be successful, you must have both a passion for improving your organization and the capability to drive your efforts through to completion. Some people are "natural" leaders, others prefer to operate capably within a well-defined context, and many people are somewhere in between. Natural leaders have important core abilities, but they often need careful training in the more
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However, you do need a compulsion to operate at two levels: to be a great doer, and a great reflector. Most importantly, to be a great leader, you need to find what you really like.

That's where the passion, commitment, and integrity come from. In my experience, the most important underlying factor in leadership is whether a person has searched out and found a great match between what's in his or her heart, which is what he or she really enjoys, and the work situation. Think about the definition of leaders, "people who leave their footprints in their areas of passion." It's easy to focus on the first part, how to leave footprints. But the real power comes from the second, working in your area of passion.

Any factors contribute to productivity; job performance is viewed to be the most influential one. Job performance itself is a function of four variables: ability, understanding of the task, environment, and motivation. Accordingly, in order to perform well employees need to have the knowledge and tools that are required for the job as well as the will to do what is asked from them. Therefore, motivation can be generally equated with action and the understanding of motivation unfolds to be a key to the success of any private or public organization. For that reason, motivation has long been a central topic for scholars and practitioners. An abundance of theories and approaches were developed in order to explain the nature of employee motivation. Another

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