You Are Just Like Your Grandfather Essay

1076 Words Oct 20th, 2016 5 Pages
“You are just like your grandfather.” Is something I’ve heard almost weekly for as long as I can remember. It is also the best compliment I will ever receive. If there is someone I could ever strive to be like it would be Kenneth Lampp. Sitting in his office chair with his white hair brushed back, ready to be hidden under a cowboy hat for the rest of the day. His wrinkles are like deep trenches that hold 84 years of laughter, love, war, and wisdom. You can almost read the history on his face. His eyebrows raise just a tad when he smiles. His smile, which favors his right side, reveal the dimples you often see in pictures of him as a young boy on a southern Texas cotton farm. His eyebrows look like a bushel of dead brambles, white, unkempt and overlapping one another. His eyes, closed by the sun, are as sharp as a hawk. His eyes remind me of a blue sky in the dead of winter, uncommon but never unwanted. His oversized ears do him no justice when grandma continually calls for him from the basement door. His skin is tan from working outside his entire life. Touching his skin reminds me of the sandpaper we used on the birdhouse we built together last spring. The broad, stalky frame he walks in isn’t nearly as strong as the demeanor he carries. His thick, powerful legs are almost looked at as stronger than the horse he rides. His belly is big and round much like a starving Ethiopian child’s. However, his appetite is underrated when defined as healthy. Prickly black and…

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