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Yoga guru’s can be leaders too!

Throughout our lives, there are individuals who impact your life. Perhaps they are someone you know or maybe never met. In today’s society, social media can change people’s world on several different levels. Rachel Brathen, A.K.A Yoga Girl has had a considerable influence on my life for several years. I am here to take the time to praise this enlightening leader for her vision in social innovation, for the courage to develop her own platform and for her approach to helping people from around the world. Transformational leaders, such as herself, is an inspiration to all leaders, yoga enthusiast and to anyone looking to better the world.

Is one of the basic foundation of Rachel’s leadership.
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She has proven anyone and everyone can be leaders. Anyone can help to improve the world. I look to Rachel as an inspirational leader, not only because of her courage, her embodiment to change and her visions of helping others; but because of the way she facilitates change. She has always lead with her core values and deep beliefs. She inspires everyone to do better. Through this, others have wanted to follower her voluntarily. She has helped others cope with their fears of change and have helped them move out of their comfort zone. Rachel has created opportunities for everyone to get involved in her organization. She helps guide people through her yoga, meditation and nutrition videos to bring out change in everyone. Most of all she encourages everyone through whatever barrier they may face. Every. Single. Day. She encourages. As a leader in any organization, change can be difficult to overcome. Following Rachel’s leadership techniques can help you move through this change, and have your followers adapt. Change is not something to be afraid of but, rather be something embraced. Rachel gives hopes to all leaders, yoga gurus and anyone striving to do better. And isn’t that something we all want to do; do

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