Yuming Kuo Biography

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Yuming Kuo, who was an industrious and earnest organizer, was an investment adviser in a stock broker company. He researched and analyzed the business conditions of both listed and OTC companies, and gathered the world-wide news about everything, especially put close attention to the government's trading and economy policies. Although investing in stock market could not guarantee always making profits, his still reasonably estimated both the risks and the profits under the legitimate company policies, and introduced suitable investment plans to the clients, so they could rest-assured about their investments and wisely manage their money. From inspecting the companies of the investment projects to the end of the entire business transaction, Yuming was responsible for operating all the business processes, including selling the investment plans and communicating with the clients. While helping people invest their money wisely, he could train his vision to predict the future tendencies. Yuming was born in the Taipei city and moved to the New York State for eight years. By comparing the cultures of both countries, he realized one rule that will never change is that no matter what he does or where he is, he eats what he sowed. If he wants the consequences, then he has to …show more content…
He was trained to analyze problems through different aspects, and solving it with reasonable logics. Yuming learned computing, programming, gaming, designing, writing, financing, analyzing, and marketing, but the hardest course in life is communicating. No matter how skillful a person is, he cannot win against a team with everyone experts in different areas. Therefore, communication is important to cooperate with people. While using his strong points, he continually searched his lifetime goals. Life is not all about work, but without working for a living, many things cannot be

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