Yertle The Turtle And The Sneetches Essay

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Yertle the Turtle, The Sneetches, and The Tortoise and the Hare exemplify wonderful allegories. In Yertle the Turtle, it illustrates Hitler’s rise and fall with the mound of turtles. Suitably, The Sneetches advises against prejudice. The Tortoise and The Hare communicates endurance will get you farther than natural aptitude ever will.

In Yertle the Turtle, the insatiable king believes his small pond and stone throne is not enough. He desires to observe the land, so he gathers his turtle subjects and piles them up. As the stack towers into the sky, Yertle notices the moon. The higher object offends him. Accordingly, he stacks up more and more of his subjects at the cost of those at the base. He only cares to further his whims. Finally, the bottom turtle, Mack, burps. This frees all the turtles and topples Yertle. Yertle the Turtle displays both a moral and a political allegory. The dangers of authoritarian rule are tactfully established. The characters also portray people of World War II. Namely, Yertle is Hitler. The book depicts his rise and fall. Yertle’s subjects are the individuals that suffered at Hitler’s hand. The final line presents the idea that everyone deserves freedom.

The Sneetches centralizes on the conflict between star-bellied Sneetches and the plain-bellied Sneetches. The star-bellies exclude and
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It features a lead-footed turtle and a swift hare who both enter a race. Everyone, including the hare, laughs at the idea. The hare, so confident in this belief, naps during the race. The turtle walks non-stop. Cheers and hoots awaken the hare. Thus, he jumps up and sprints, but the turtle still crosses the line first. Despite the pure amusement gained from the notion, it expresses an allegory for life. It represents how people waste natural talents. Yet, a person who isn’t aided by a gift, can overcome an obstacle through hard work. It's a matter of determination, not a matter of can or

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