Civil War In Yemen Essay

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The Civil War in Yemen
The Yemeni Civil War, in its complexity, is very difficult topic to fully comprehend. However, to gain an understanding how it all began is a slightly less confusing matter. With the Yemeni revolution in 2011, the then President for thirty-three years, Ali Abdullah Saleh and his Shia government were overthrown, instating Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi under a new democratic Sunni government. However, instability shook Yemen once again when Houthi forces performed a coup d’etat after announcement of Hadi’s resignation. The Houthis, “...a Shiite insurgency group that originated from northwestern Yemen 's Saada province.” (Taylor), placed Hadi under a house arrest. However, Hadi escaped and renounced his resignation shortly after, plunging the country of Yemen into civil war.
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With Ansar al-Sharia, an offshoot of ISIS has joined the fight, preying upon the vulnerability of Yemen to expand their empire. A desperate Hadi has now called upon the help of Saudi Arabia in the fight to keep power. As a result, Saudi Airstrikes against Houthi forces have cut off supply chains, vital to the well-being of the Yemeni people. Hundreds of thousands of people are without food, water, shelter, and aid. This humanitarian crisis has caused international organizations and foreign countries to call for ceasefires, so that aid may reach the deprived people caught in the crossfire. On top of this, according to UNHCR’s Country Operations Profile on Yemen, there are over 675,000 refugees both internally displaced from the civil war and over half from surrounding countries such as Somalia in the battered country. The humanitarian crisis in Yemen only appears to get worse, as fighting continues despite several ceasefires. Civilians are trapped between three political forces, seemingly unable to receive basic resources. In spite of this, many groups are seek to change this harsh

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