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Biology Paper Michael 5/10/12 The Yellowstone volcano has the potential to destroy all life on Earth. I believe that the volcano will erupt because the Yellowstone volcano is still active. The volcano has not erupted any time recently, and could make it even more dangerous the longer it stays dormant. If it does erupt, how would it wipe out the population on Earth? Will this event be significant to our generation? What are some of the statistics on the Yellowstone volcano? Is there

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So over the next thousand to ten thousand years the pressure would be more than double than what it currently is; making it almost like an unset doomsday.
The Yellowstone volcano is very powerful. Powerful enough to destroy all life on earth. The likeliness of the volcano erupting anytime soon is very unlikely. Although if it were to erupt in ten thousand years it would send a plume of ash and debree large enough to cover the whole North America and then some(CE). The continents that would most likely be covered or partially covered with ash would include North America, South America, part of Europe, and Part of Africa. After
about 1/3 or more of the Earth is covered in ash and the ash has killed everything underneath it the rest of the Earth would start to deteriorate(CE). It would deteriorate due to a lack of resources from the other continents. Scientist predict that if a wipe out like this were to happen the survivors would last another two months to a year before they would run out of food. This catastrophic event could cause the whole Earth to become lifeless.
This event most likely will not effect our generation. Mostly because scientists say that this event is only in its early stages of eruption. Meaning that the volcano is still building up gases and steam. These gases include carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and sulfur oxide. After these gases build up enough pressure the volcano won’t be able to
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