Women's Subordination In The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

“The Yellow Wallpaper” is a short story written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The narrator is a young married woman who lives in a premature time. She is too expressive for her time, as she immerses herself with books and worrying only on her imagination and creativity. She is quickly deemed as being “sick” by her husband, who is also her doctor, and is then sent away to recover. While recovering, she becomes infatuated with the yellow wallpaper in the room. One day, the narrator spots a woman behind the wallpaper, and as time goes on, she begins to associate herself with the other woman. Gilman’s story demonstrates to readers how the subordination of women brings out the self-deprecation and madness in them.
The narrator is first expressed
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At first it seems unpleasant, being ripped and dirty; it fits in with the gothic theme of the house. Gilman does a great job expressing how the wallpaper symbolizes women’s subordination. The woman in the wallpaper is first a symbol for all women who are trapped by society. When the narrator becomes the woman, she is then symbolizing her own freedom from society and her marriage. It is ironic how the narrator had to completely lose herself in order to understand herself. It is also ironic how society tells women that they are ill because they do not want to be a part of a domestic life and in return, the judgment of people is what makes them end up mentally …show more content…
My first job consisted of me getting paid less while the guys got paid more. Even though I am free to do more than the narrator was, there are still unequal rights for women. In addition to getting paid less, I am always deemed as a “house wife” who knows only how to cook and clean. Once, a man asked me on a date and took me to olive garden. We had small talk about the food and I expressed how much I like to eat. He then asked if I would cook for him and, when I told him that I do not cook, his response to me left me in disgust. He told me that it was impossible for me to not know how to cook solely because I was a female and that he was not sure if he could date me because I was not the “house wife” type. I quickly informed him that I was the one who did not want to date him as I walked out and wished him the best. After that date I promised myself that I will never let a man belittle me and that I would find someone who would treat me as an equal.
Although women have gained a lot of rights, men seem to still control them and get offended when women appear smarter or stronger. It is only expected to be prejudice against strong, creative, and intelligent women. As people, however, the judgment of character and the idea of being ‘normal’ based on gender, needs to change. The challenge to change perspective is hard for most people, but it can and will be done

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