Yellow Star By Jennifer Roy Essay

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Yellow Star is a 2006 biographical children 's novel by Jennifer Roy. Written in free verse, it describes life through the eyes of a young Jewish girl whose family was forced into the Łódź Ghetto in 1939 during World War II. Roy tells the story of her aunt Sylvia, who shared her childhood memories with Roy more than 50 years after the ghetto 's liberation. Roy added fictionalized dialogue, but did not alter the story. The book covers Sylvia 's life as she grows from four and a half to ten years old in the ghetto. Sylvia, her older sister Dora, and her younger cousin Isaac were three of only twelve children who survived.
In 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland and forced that nation 's second-largest community of Jews, 270,000 strong, into one section of the city of Łódź, which they later walled off to form a ghetto. Before the invasion, Sylvia and her family lived in Łódź. When her father heard rumors of what was about to happen with the German invasion, the family traveled by buggy to Warsaw. The family was unable to find work or housing in Warsaw, so they returned to Lodz. When the Germans did invade, they forced Sylvia 's family to relocate, along with other Łódź-area Jews, into a segregated section of the city: a ghetto. Of the 270,000 people forced into the Jewish ghetto in Lodz, Poland by the Germans. Yellow Star also reveals that children are shown no sympathy whatsoever. They aren’t really allowed to be children and have fun because they have to worry about problems such…

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