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Upon the application and introduction of the Alien Land Laws, the United States Government attempted to discourage Asians from immigrating and settling in the land of the United States permanently. The people from other regions were designated to shows and indicated their racial origin from where they were able to permit to access some of the areas or rather an own land and other related properties (Carlisle, 253). The 1952 act largely impacted citizenship requirements for Asians Americans but in 1965, Asian Americans were no longer excluded from immigrating to the United States. Before The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, many barriers were prohibiting Asian Americans from coming to the United States. There were Naturalization Acts, …show more content…
That’s when they overcame the “aliens ineligible for citizenship. After 1952, they were allowed citizenship, as well as a great deal of opportunities for their new lives in the Unites States. The “Yellow Peril” metaphor never fully disappeared. The negative barriers were never forgotten as the Asian Americans still experience the “forever foreigner” attitude (Glenn, 231). The notion of the Americans on the issue of the immigrants to the regions was considered as the one of the danger to the zones of the United States. According to the historians, the yellow peril was one of the major combinations of the racism terror on the alien culture, the sexual anxieties and also the invasion of the East may lead to overpowering over the residents of the western cultures. The origin of the yellow peril being California after the residents feared to lose their jobs to the immigrants impacted probably negatively and led to the thriving of the economic crisis in the regions (Zhan, 45).
While going through the era of ‘’Aliens ineligible for citizenship’’ and the ‘’Yellow Peril’’, the Asian-Americans suffered in various ways. The new living conditions influenced the life for the immigrants that their counterparts, the Western, in the process of stabilizing the economy of the regions. Among the negative effects that the Asians experienced include the
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As written by one of the famous writers, Sauum Song Bo, the Americans considered their nation and made efforts to show their love and liberty. The Chinese inhabitants of the land of the USA were only honored and appealed to be the citizens who would show liberty. According to the writer, the U.S was only a country of liberty for the men from all the nations except those from the East Asia, mostly the Chinese people (Hashimoto, 1896). It was an arduous task to engage the Chinese fully in the nation building while they were not given the opportunity to enjoy their liberty while in the same country. The immigrants were subjected to all the manners of obnoxious behaviors and never allowed to go anywhere without the insults, the abuse, the wrongs and abuses which the men from the other races were freed. The Chinese in the region were forced to practice cheap labor and provide the necessary conditions that could foster the growth of the economy of the U.S. for the immigrants to get to access to the resources; they were denied the relevant information so as to create a state of dependence. It was hard for them to establish a strong base for the upbringing of their families (1898-1900). The western ensured this happened to discourage them from giving birth to a high number of the children. The

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