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Test 1 (Ch 1-2) ANSWERS | Judge J. D. Langley | Govt 2305 | |

1. Ch01-001-p002
The Jamestown settlement was funded by c. The London Company.

2. Ch01-002-p004
The Preamble to the Constitution begins a. "We the People . . ."

3. Ch01-003-p005
Which of the following is the best explanation of why most American Indian reservations are in the West today? b. European settlers and the U.S. government pushed Indian tribes westward.

4. Ch01-004-p006
Enlightenment thinkers argued that the world could be improved through b. human reason, science, and religious toleration.

5. Ch01-005-p007
The House of Burgesses was c. the first representative assembly in North America.

6. Ch01-006-p008
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religious freedom.

15. Ch01-015-p015
The Constitution initially mandated that each member of the House of Representatives should represent ________ citizens. d. 30,000

16. Ch01-016-p016
The fastest growing segment of the U.S. population is e. Hispanics.

17. Ch01-017-p019
According to the text, a powerful national government is likely to meet opposition in which of the following regions of the United States?
I. South
II. Northeast
III. Midwest
IV. West c. I and IV

18. Ch01-018-p020
According to the definition in the text, political ideologies are sets of beliefs that
I. shape the thinking of individuals and how they view the world.
II. are affected only by historical forces.
III. affect how people deal with relations between men and women.
IV. have little to do with feelings of nationalism. d. I and III

19. Ch01-019-p020
All of the following are among the functions that political scientists attribute to ideologies EXCEPT d. discrimination

20. Ch01-020-p021
Conservatives generally believe that d. there should be less government intervention in economic affairs.

21. Ch01-021-p021
Liberals often favor
I. spending on social programs.
I. more lenient enforcement of laws such as the USA Patriot Act.
III. increased involvement of churches as the first line of defense for the poor.
IV. affirmative action programs to help

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