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As many students are making there way back to school we often ask ourselves why some schools have year round school and why some schools have a traditional school calendar. I believe that year round schools are a great thing to have as a school calendar. There are many benefits that come along with the year round calendar such as more family time, and better more balanced calendar. Also at the same time there a many loopholes that come with the year round calendar such as there is a lot of money that needs to be spend to maintain the school year round, and many people say that test scores improve but there is no statistical evidence to prove it. Now let me provide you with a little history on year round school.
Dating back to the 1800’s
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In April 1972, the House of Representative General Subcommittee on Education of the Committee on Education and Labor held a hearing approaching the year round school calendar (Skinner). The History of year round school is very important and fun to learn about. Now let 's move and learn about the benefits of year round schooling.
Year round schooling has many benefits such as its provides opportunities for salary enhancements through substituting and other employment opportunities. Parents prefer to have many vacation opportunities throughout the year rather than just the summer. With year round school you will receive many opportunities to go on vacations hough the year. This also would benefit that staff as well. If your school has year round schooling you are typically to gain about 20-30% more students. Also year round schools helps you will with insurance cost and capital cost because of the gain of students (Yeager). Year Round schooling can prevent staff burnout by providing more breaks through the year. Teachers can choose to substitute during the breaks to earn more money and help the teacher and
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There are no more than 8 weeks of vacation at a time for year round schooling but some schools do not participate due to money or how the economy is going sat the time. Increased staff pay or other money items will lead to schools being closed in the summer and the idea of year round school will be shot down. There is little proof that year round school has increased test scores or anything else. It ocast $5ooo to pay bus drivers to transport students and paying for gas. Make sure parents and students and the community are aware of what 's going on when you change the schedule. This could affect additional schooling for teachers super jobs for students and parents (Dessoff). There is no proof that test scores improve. Maintenance must be done all day all night including weekends. Athletic and other activities may have scheduling problems. There are more starts and ends before and after breaks. There are additional demands placed on cafeteria, custodian, and maintenance people (Yeager). In some schools that don 't have air conditioning and want year round schooling could not be possible. Air conditioning is cost worthy. Some days you would have to get out early because the heat so that can take away from teaching and learning. Many schools have tried year round school but unfortunately they have went back to traditional because there were no benefits or anything more positive plus test score

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