Yates Building Company V Pulleyn Case Study

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A&M Ltd v Mr. Evens

A contract is a legally binding or valid agreement between two or more parties.This contract appears under contract law which has four elements; Offer and Acceptance ,Consideration and Intentions to create legal relations . The offer was made by A&M Ltd that approached Mr. Evens with the offer of £600 for the goods. “ An offer is an expression of willingness to contract on the specified terms without further negotiations , so that requires only acceptance for a binding agreement to be formed” (Poole,2008,p.p42).

An offer must be recognised from all other statements made in the period of negotiating towards the contract so then offer could be accepted by the other party.However the acceptance must be communicated between the
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Pulleyn (1975) case , the method of acceptance can be selected by the offeror, also there is another method of acceptance which can be used in this case where it shows no disadvantage to the parties . The communication of acceptance may be in writing,verbal or the offer could be accepted by conduct. A&M Ltd reached to Mr. Evens with the offer by email but when Mr. Evens accepted the offer ,A&M Ltd rejected the offer and proposed a new offer …show more content…
An example of this could be when there is an offer to find a missing dog, the only time the other party could claim the reward for the missing dog is when the dog is given back to the owner. Mainly acceptance by conduct is found in unilateral contracts .Carlil v Carbolic Smokeball (1893) is the key case that leads to a unilateral contract. The acceptance by conduct was formed when Mrs. Carlil bought the product and followed the instruction so that she uses the product correctly. The communication of acceptance was made when she claimed for the

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