Yasumasa Morimura and Marcel Duchamp: Appropriations Essay examples

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Art speech: Artists who appropriate
The post modern era is one in which things were twisted, changed and critiqued. Some people questioned the ways and ‘rules’ of society, rebelling against conformity and the usual ideas of what was ‘right’ or ‘allowed’. Artists were largely in this group. Marcel Duchamp and Yasumasa Morimura are examples of artists who appropriated other people, things and paintings in their work, to change their meanings, and either rebel against the norms of society, make a statement about issues affecting them and their culture, or to add humour to a once serious piece. Marcel Duchamp, born in France in 1887, to an artistic family, was an expressive artist who was able to think outside the square, and through his
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The readymade thus becomes the focus of mediation on the relation between external things and our perception of them”.
Duchamp appropriated the urinal to make this statement. It was something he believed in. for example, he was a part of an art society in which held an exhibition and whatever artists sent in would be hung, which he left after fountain was rejected. He wanted to rebel against the constrictions of the art world, showing the way he perceived art and objects, and showing that anything can be art, if the idea is right, as he quoted: “I am interested in ideas, not merely in visual products”.
Fountain was created in the early 1900’s, and the idea of modern, unusual art was fairly new, therefore, the public had a negative reaction to fountain. It was rejected from the art society Duchamp was a part of, and was dubbed controversial and, being a bathroom fixture, was considered to be far too inappropriate to display in a gallery. Fountain was also seen as being a bisexual piece, with slight male and female qualities, and by some as a homosexual piece. The original Fountain, like many of Duchamp’s ready-mades were destroyed, showing how society just wasn’t prepared to accept such definitions of art.
Yasumasa Morimura, born in Osaka, Japan, in 1951 was a Japanese artist who was trained at Kyoto City University of the arts. He was taught

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