Essay on Yankee Doodle And The Liberty Song

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Chellam Sundaram

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Yankee Doodle and The Liberty Song

Music during the American Revolution was a way of expressing feelings, boosting moral, and forgetting about the terrible consequences of war. Some songs were sung to inspire unity and bravery, while others were sung to mock the opposing side. Music proved to be a powerful tool that made an impact on all sorts of people during the Revolution. The songs “Yankee Doodle” and “Liberty Song” were both tunes that greatly affected the hearts of the American people during the American War of Independence, albeit in different ways. They share many similarities in tone and in eventual usage by people, but differ greatly in meaning and background.

“Yankee Doodle” was a song composed by a British surgeon named Richard Shuckburg. The song was first introduced during the French and Indian War, and it was sung by the British troops in mockery of the American militiamen. The melody is most likely one that was derived from another old folk song, as it shares the same tune with the song “Lucy Locket”. The song’s lyrics portrays Americans as simpletons or “doodles”. The first stanza stating, “Yankee doodle went to town/ Riding on a pony/ Stuck a feather in his hat/ And called it macaroni!” shows the British view of Americans as people who would put a feather on a hat and call it high fashion. Similar lyrics with the same tune and theme were also sung by the British. Americans at that time, who still viewed…

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