Yamurau Themes

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Loyalty, Balance, Pride, and Devotion are the four key themes talked about in Yamamoto’s message. Yamamoto teaches of how a man can be the perfect samurai. By first explaining the four promises that each Samurai makes. These vows are what makes a samurai stand out and have a more meaningful role in society. The vows are as states; “1) Never fall behind in the Way of the Warrior. 2) Serve your liege lord well. 3) Be filially pious. 4) Be deeply compassionate and help all human beings.” The vows are the most important because it is what Yamamoto’s who teachings are about. The samurai were an elite team. They were a group of men ready to fight and die when it came down to it. They were the protectors of the land. Yamamoto’s writings talked about …show more content…
Yamamoto focused on the idea of thought. To take out time and think of a situation before it is done, to think of the worst case scenario, and make that the reality. So much so that Yamamoto wrote about how the samurai men needed to be ready to die, and to have that as a general thought in the back of their minds. To be wise was not to think about what best suited that person, but to be wise it contains the power to help those around and affected by that samurai. All of this lead to having a balanced lifestyle. Inner balance, where the samurai was able to make a decision and not be dragged down by it. Or personal balance on how to handle personal affairs without neglecting a samurai duties. Yamamoto never states once that being a samurai is easy, but he does state that being a samurai is one of the biggest rewards and honors.
Loyalty and devotion are also mentioned throughout the message. A samurai must complete his duties and to do so his devotion is to being a samurai. Which means serving his lord, his emperor and his land. A samurai in Yamamoto’s message is the biggest honor that a man could receive because it came with such a great responsibility that not just anyone could be a

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