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Before the wave of search engines we know today, navigating through the world wide web was chaotic. Two friends from Stanford University, Jerry Yang and David Filo, in their boredom, set out to develop a means of indexing and cataloging their favorite websites. (Clark) Little did they know this would lead to bigger and better things. What started out as a fun project for sharing websites, soon turned into a money making giant. A giant that would become what we now know as Yahoo, paving the way to the world wide web. Jerry Yang has contributed much to the progress of the internet and e-commerce as we know it. To this day he continues his legacy. Jerry was born Chih-Yaun Yang in Taipei, Taiwan in 1968. A man of humble beginnings, he grew up in a lower-middle-class family. His father had passed away when he was only two, leaving his mother to …show more content…
Jerry declined. Some believe this to be one of the worst financial decisions in the world of tech. Some believe Jerry’s personal connection to the company may have prevented from selling to Microsoft, as well as his desire to remain independent. Yang had taken the position of CEO in 2007, with very little executive experience, and in 2009 he resigned. By 2012 Yahoo stock had dropped to a mere $16 per share. When news of his departure reached the public, Yahoo stock rose 3.5 percent. (Lyon) Yang has been blamed for much of the hardships of Yahoo, but little mention has been made of the investment Yang made in Alibaba, an e-commerce giant worth between $125 to $200 billion. Looking for new avenues, Jerry left the board of directors of Yahoo in 2012 and founded AME Cloud Venture capital firm. Jerry created AME with the purpose of finding, funding and assisting true entrepreneurs. So far he has invested in more than 50 start-ups, including Evernote and Tango. He is also on the boards of Alibaba, an e-commerce giant in China, as well as the software firm Workday.

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