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Service Manager

Applicant Information Pack

Person Specification
Job Specific Skills
Role context
Terms and Conditions - Department to include
Equal opportunities
How to Apply
Role of Civil Service Commissioners

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for expressing interest in the Service Manager position.

[Introductory paragraph: responsibilities and vision of the department]

The government is resetting its approach to technology. In the past, senior technology leaders in the public sector have become too focused on the maintenance of large-scale, long-term outsourcing contracts. Systems and services have suffered
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* Be responsible for on and offline continuous service delivery, developing and delivering all the changes and improvements necessary to provide effective services for users.

* Represent your service to Departmental Board-level officials and senior stakeholders, using information from diverse user, commercial and service sources to create and project a compelling product vision.

* Engage with technical staff and suppliers to define the best system and platform configurations to achieve business/user objectives.

* Lead and develop a high performing team, embedding agile working practices and a digital by default culture across the department and the wider civil service.

Thank you for taking the time to read this pack. We look forward to receiving your application.

Job Description
Primary Responsibilities
The main responsibilities of the post are:

* Delivering services which meet and maintain the Digital by Default Service Standard

* Interpreting user insight and performance data to drive service design and iterative operational improvements for digital and assisted digital service channels

* Clarifying and articulating the diverse requirements of users and delivery partners to support effective delivery of a service


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