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Abnormal psychology: Integrative paper

I’ve always been intrigued on how external physiological factors such as drugs affect the level of cognitive function of a normal person. It is known for a fact that there are a number of people who encounter harmful interferences in their mind caused by unnatural intakes in the body. This unwanted variable was made as a cornerstone in a recent study in the United States which I believe may be linked to previous topics discussed in my abnormal psychology class. In vital areas such as physiological or multifactorial indicators of depression depicted in the study, I’ve underlined similar reviews in lectures for both minor and major stress disorders show to have apparent vulnerability to
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Another familiar treatment plan devised were selected group therapies, which were a secondary option in the researchers follow up practices in order to provide a different angle in comprehensively assessing the person in a more social environment. As expected in previous lectures, results approved that mood regulation enhanced due to the social skills learned in group process. This more interactive range of psychological guideline in client rehabilitation is also a fundamental part in my personal learning in class that centers within the parameter of abnormal and clinical assessment. I’ve now understood the sensitive consequences that are rooted with a person with depressive disorders. As demonstrated in class topics in dealing with mood disorders,

one should keep in mind the general principles that can be utilized for proper treatment recommendations for the client.
In general readings, women tend to suffer long term severe anxiety effects in comparison to men. In many definitive researches I myself encountered mainly in class with features about anxiety syndromes, a more emotionally aligned impulse subjects to greater inability of a person to mentally recover from distressful or usually fearful situations. Those in turn studies have concurred why women are presented with a higher level of vulnerability to severe anxiety than men. One of the most

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