Xmgt 216 Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility /Xmgt 216 Complete Class All Dqs , Checkpoints , Assignments

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XMGT 216 Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility /XMGT 216 Complete Class ALL DQs ,Checkpoints ,Assignments

Click Link below To Purchase: http://homework-aid.com/XMGT-216-Complete-Class-ALL-DQs-Checkpoints-Assignments-253.htm XMGT 216 Week 1 CheckPoint: Ethical Theories Chart

• Complete the Ethical Theories Chart in Appendix B.
• Post Appendix B as an attachment. Discussion Question 1 .What are business ethics and how are they developed? What do you consider to be the source of ethics? Explain your answer.

Discussion Question 2 .Suppose you had to write a research paper on current ethical issues and social responsibility in today’s business environment. Conduct a University Library or
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o How do these values affect your ethical decision-making? o What will you do when one or more of the values you have listed conflict? o Reflect on the values of your organization or an organization you are familiar with. Are there any major differences between your personal values and the organization’s values?

XMGT 216 Week 3 CheckPoint: Ethics Awareness Inventory

• Complete the Ethics Awareness Inventory located on your student Web site.
• Post a 150- to 300-word response addressing the following topics: o What did you learn from your Ethics Awareness Inventory profile? o How can you apply this information to the workplace? o How have social pressures influenced your personal and business ethics?

Discussion Question 1 . Using your personal reflections and the reading materials, outline the steps you personally take to resolve ethical dilemmas. Address the following topics: o What do you consider first when faced with an ethical dilemma? o How would this process be different if you were acting as a manager of a small business?

Discussion Question 2 .Read the Short Case at the end of Ch. 5 of the text. Answer the two questions at the end of the case. Post your recommended solution. Explain how and why you chose your solution.

XMGT 216 Week 4 CheckPoint: Short Case: Management •

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