Xbox And Xbox: SWOT Analysis Of Juliet And Juliet

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Register to read the introduction… Although Nintendo’s game play mechanics are significantly different it also is offered for the cheapest price causing customers to buy more of them.
SWOT Analysis
It has a blue-ray player which gives better sound and graphics
It has free wifi
It doesn't use a points system for downloads so you know exactly how much you are buying something for
Free online music streaming (vidzone)
It has BBC iplayer
It can run linux OS so it can double up as a pc (not on the slim)
You can get play TV on it you can connect your psp to your PS3 and remotely access your PS3
Lots of media support such as photos, videos and music.
Controllers charged by usb cable.
It has an internet browser
music playback (for certain games) limited browser capability
Games are not backwards compatible with previous Playstations.
With Nintendo unable to meet demand for their Wii, the PS3’s lower price could convince people waiting for Wii’s to buy available PS3s instead.
If they are able to get a higher customer turnout, they may be able to lower their prices to other game standards on software to increase PS3 software
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If selling this product if you could include a controller so they won’t have to purchase it and an up to date game I think this would be more appealing to customers.
Price: Value Based we used this so we can start off our product at a price and depending on how it sells we either take the price down or leave it the same. We also decided to do this because of in research it has shown that this product reached a millstone of 50 million units worldwide sold 5 years after its debut. It also sold 525,000 of its product doing Black Friday sale.
Promotion: The best promotion for a PS3 is a Social Media simply because most of our customer base people will more than like being looking at TV or on the internet by them constantly seeing our product on the social media. With having commercials on cellular devices this being what most people are on most of the day.
Distribution: Intensive Distribution we say this because by selling them in more than one spot more customer will have access to them. Also, more woman shop more than males so by them seeing this product more and more we think they are more than likely to purchase

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