X26 Taser Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The new X26 Taser still uses the same amount of power, but what Taser International has done is improve on introducing the electricity into the body. Taser found approximately 90% of the energy was lost upon impact to the subject’s body with the M26 Taser. Taser International developed a new “shaped pulse” technology that reduced this lost energy and made it more effective. Taser International claims the new X26 Taser is 5% more effective and 60% smaller and lighter than its predecessor the M26 Taser.
The M26 Taser used a simple high energy or “blunt” pulse to penetrate
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The weapon uses a replaceable cartridge that fires two probes, which are attached to lightly insulated thin wires. The lengths of the wires vary from 15 feet to 35 feet, depending on the cartridge used. Although the peak energy value is listed as 50,000 volts, the actual amount of energy entering into the body is approximately 1,200 volts with the X26 Taser. The standard wall socket inside of a home is 100 volts with 16 amps of electricity. The X26 Taser is listed as 50,000 volts with .0021 amps of electricity. Taser International …show more content…
News media, civil rights groups, and human rights groups have brought up two basic concerns about the Taser. First, they believe there is the potential for it to cause unintended deaths. The device has been blamed, at least partially, for over 100 deaths in the last five years. Taser International claims that none of these deaths are related to the Taser. They claim there have been over 17,000 uses and the deaths are from other medical reason, most often from excited delirium that is a result of being under the influence of a controlled substance. Taser International

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