Wwii Of The World War II Essay

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On the 28th April of 1943 Hitler was reported that Mussolini was captured and hanged by the partisans. As the Soviets were coming to get Hitler, he was offered a long distance flight by his private pilot but he refused. Soviets were less than 500 meters distance from Fuhrerbunker; And Hitler shot himself to death with this own gun. Even his new wife Eva, committed suicide by consuming a cyanide capsule. It was April, 30th April 1945 on that day. ( Kinzer, 1995) Since the end of World War Two, America has been the most powerful country in the world. No country in the world would want to mess with the US. United States is not only greater in terms of the economy than most of the countries in the world, but also in terms of defense, tourism and value as a country. US very keenly used WWII, to earn a good status and money in the world. As after World War II all the countries involved, were in debt and depression. US was the only one who had made a small sacrifice compared to what they had earned by the investing and helping allies. After WWII, the lives of the US citizens, the debt and the cold war against the USSR have affected the United States till this current date. First, US soldiers have performed best no matter which war the United States have taken part in. However, one thing noticeable from World Wars to this time is how the Military is drifting from the America. Comparing from way back to the Vietnamese war, where even young adults were signed up to be involved in…

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