Wwii And The American War Essay

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America was searing in the decade of 1940’s due the domination of WWII and the improvement of the American frontier. Although the WWII also referred to as the Second World War, led to many devastating news in many regions, it caused prosperity and growth in the American society culturally and socially. The United States of America was officially part of the Second World War after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 (Kennedy 824). The shocking attack on Pearl Harbor triggered American unity like ever before (Kennedy 825). World War II caused a long economic expansion in the omnipotent United States of America. The national economy plunged to its zenith point in the late 1940’s and continued to surge throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s (Kennedy 860). The mass production and mass consumerism during the war increased the economic status in America thus removing the depression. Massive production of tanks and war weapons were being produced in the American industry. By March of 1944, many men and women in the American society were helping out in the war mobilization process (Evenari “1940-1949 World War”). In addition to mass consumerism, advertising and propaganda largely affected the country in terms of cultural and social history. Mass media such as radio broadcasting and the significant increase of advertising in the 1940 's decade led to a rise of modern thinking and American identity. In addition to these modern social changes, the Americans also…

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