Wwi Was A Terrible Tragedy Essay

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Throughout history WW2 has killed more people than any other war, but it was actually a good thing that it happened, especially for Canada. At the time before the war the world was in a great depression, let alone millions suffering inside of Canada, but as the war was declared more and more people found jobs in the factories and soon everyone could have a job working in some way to afford necessary human needs such as food and to start up the suffering economy creating the cycle of redistribution. With those factories opening the technology and inventions for the war which would lead to them coming out to the public and not only broadening Canada’s technology and making it better, but also helping out significantly with the war. Not only did this war lift Canada out of the depression and inspire different inventions but it also raised Canada’s reputation with the brave battles that we have fought in the war and our large support with troops and supplies. A lot of people are convinced that WW2 was a terrible tragedy, but in reality WW2 was actually good for Canada’s growth and involvement in world affairs.
This war lifted Canada out of the tragic depression, creating jobs and fueling the economy. On October 28th 1929 the stock market crashed, pummeling the economy of the world and forcing roughly 30% of the working force to be unemployed. For a comparison, the current unemployment rate in Canada is 6.5%, and this is after the 2008 crash, similar in some ways to the one in…

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