Wwi Was A Terrible Time Period For The World Essay

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WWI was a huge historical time period for the whole world especially Europe, because it was the first major conflict involving many different countries. It started in 1914 due to many different factors but the most famous one was how the future archduke of Serbia, Franz Ferdinand was shot and killed in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip . WWI was mainly a terrible time period for the world, but it also was a point in history where many new technological advancements took place. These new advancements helped each country build a stronger society and a stronger country as a whole. Along with that, WWI also helped these individual countries establish a tough and big navy. However, many people want to know who was really to blame for this war. So, after looking at the documents along with all the presentations and information provided, it is a valid statement to say that Germany was mostly to blame for the war for two reasons. These reason were imperialism , and militarism.

Firstly, imperialism. Imperialism happened before WWI but it had a huge effect on the war, because most of the countries that were involved in Imperialism wanted to keep expanding. In order for these countries to keep expanding was by showing their power. One way to show their power for Germany and other countries to show their power was by killing people and soldiers. During the war each county killed many civilians along with many soldiers however, Germany killed the most with close to 3 million in total. If…

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