Wwi Was A Conflict Lasting Essay

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WWI was a conflict lasting between 1914-1919 that lead to the deaths of millions. The Post-WWI effects were effectively the first domino that fell that would eventually lead to political instability in Germany, Italy, and Russia. Italian sociopolitical turmoil would lead to the rise of fascism with Mussolini. German sociopolitical chaos soon led to Nazism which would soon take hold itself along with Hitler’s take on fascism. Germany’s (Hitler’s) rise to power would eventually set off WWII. WWII would also lead to the Cold War which was set mostly in Germany. WWI did not directly cause WWII, the rise of fascism, or even the Cold War. However, the aftermath of WWI is what allowed the other pieces to fall in place. To begin, the political and social landscape in Europe following WWI was not a very stable one and its instability would ultimately lead to WWII. One notorious and volatile social development following WWI was the discontent in Germany because of the Treaty of Versailles talks in 1919. What disgruntled the German people was the fact that Germany was forced to accept responsibility for WWI and to pay reparations. The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to take blame in Article 231, otherwise known as “The Guilt Clause.” It says, “The Allied and Associated Goverments affirm and Germany accepts the response of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage to which the Allied and Associated Goverments and their nationals have been subjected as a consequence…

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