Compare And Contrast Wundt And Ebbinghaus

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Heather Gomez
Psychology 4302 6th Nov. 2017
Mod. 2 Assign. 4
Wundt, Ebbinghaus and Kulpe’s Theories In the textbook A Study of Modern psychology the editors discuss the different theories and positions of psychology that Wundt, Ebbinghaus, and Kulpe believed she be studied. In this short paper the scientist and their ideas and believes on theories will be discussed to further understand the learning and memory process. William Wundt helped to build psychology as its own scientific domain. He was not the first scientist to look at psychology as a modern form of psychology however he contributed by pushing for others to set it as an important scientific discipline. By investigating the theory of sensory perception this helped the new science of
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He not only studied the mind of men he also, looked into the way animal’s minds worked. He included the study of social psychology and reviewed the ideas of language, art, laws and morals etc. Wundt preferred philosophy as he looked at social customs and other forms of social psychology. However he did look into both experimental psychology and social psychology in studying why human’s memory and learning was conditioned by language and cultural ideas he found that only non-experimental approaches would work. He was trying to understand higher processes of learning and memory and found that it depended on the consciousness and the ability of voluntarism. While, the Empiricists and Associationist would not have agreed in his theories, he found that mediate and immediate experiences depended on how a person’s knowledge and experiences dominated that persons thinking. He used the introspective method to see the amount of understanding and control a person had about his or her own

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