Wrong U Turn In Career Essay

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Wrong U Turn in Career? Safety Tips to Prevent Mistakes in Job Change.
It is a good step to work on a change in career, but it requires absolute care to avoid getting disappointed. Career experts explain about the biggest mistakes career changers make while working and recommend the following tips to follow and experience success all through the tenure of career.
Is it really required to change your career? Give a Though about it.
Ros Toynbee, Director of The Career Coach, says “If you are really desperately unhappy in your job, people sometimes throw the baby out with the bathwater,”. It is important to analyze exactly what you are keen on and why you are focusing on overhauling your career and before you start working on – is it really because
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Not all courses are equal and many don’t lead to jobs. Find out about the course’s employability rate before you apply.”
“You’ve got to be sensible, otherwise you could be setting yourself up for failure.”
Know fully about what is required
Career changers most often fail to understand what their new career demands are and what is essential for being successful. Mills explain about a client who spent three years of his career, earned a good amount of money, having completed a specialist course in sound engineering, he realized that the job was not suiting to his life style.
Mills says “What he hadn’t realized was that the work was mostly freelance. It involved traveling around and very little job security – it just didn’t fit in with his financial and family needs.”
People who plan to have their own business can also miss their deadline, says Mills. Being your boss can be awesome, but it is definitely risky for your regular income as you have to constantly market yourself, Mills adds. It is important to have a clear understanding about reality.
Think about how you niche and label your
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One Step or a small step each at a time
Alderon says “Take small actions to move forwards in directions that interest you.” “Sometimes these small steps may not make sense when you’re making them as you don’t know where they’re leading, but you can connect the dots when you look back.”
A particular job description might not suit what you are looking for and you may need to rethink about how to rearrange your working life. Orgill says: “ Your career solution might be a combination of being employed, but freelancing or having a business on the side,.”
It is a very good idea to hold to your current job, adds Toynbee. This will give you adequate financial stability to excel in an area that you wish to build over a period of

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