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Ronny Chan
Janet Allwork
ENGL 1130
January 2016
A Writing Experience Writing has never been my forte. At best, I survived the earlier years of my school life with average remarks from English teachers who assessed me. However, due to a lack of confidence in my own writing, English classes became incredibly difficult in my final years of high-school. Attempting to obtain better grades, I recall trying to absorb the almost formulaic method of writing my grade 11 and 12 teachers taught, and applied it. Nevertheless, I understood that this method was clearly not improving anything when I received my mark for the English 12 provincial. Being ill prepared for post-secondary writing is not a situation unique to myself. Rather, it is a
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However, “revision in speech [could be considered as] an afterthought” (136). Many student writers interpret revision as rewording their composition. They believe the success or failure of their compositions is determined by the selection and/or rejection of words. Conversely, experienced adult writers share that their purpose in revision is to fine-tune their argument, ensure that their composition is geared towards the intended audience, and check if their composition is logical and coherent. Essentially, “experienced adult writers [understand] the revision [stage] as a recursive process” (Sommers 143) that constantly goes back and forth between different stages of the writing. This greatly contrasts with the student writers’ writing process. Furthermore, student writers are often caught writing with an excessive amount of “obvious padding” (Roberts 5). This describes the students who use multiple words to say something which can be expressed in fewer words. Paul McHenry Roberts, an experienced writer, gives us examples of sentences that are far too wordy in his article “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words”. For instance, the statement “the average doctor who practices in small towns or in the country must toil night and day to heal the sick” (5), can be cut down to “most country doctors work long hours” (5). This problem often arises when a teacher

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